Determining Your Costs        
This calculator will help you determine the annual cost of attending Northeastern University. The direct
costs listed below are estimated for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please note, a student's actual room 
and board costs may vary depending on residence hall and occupancy as well as the selected meal plan. 
Additional information regarding tuition and fee rates and descriptions of applicable fees, can be found
Estimated Annual Direct (Billed) Costs*      
Student Center Fee
Student Activity Fee
Undergraduate Student Fee
Campus Recreation Fee
Resident Activity Fee
Standard Double Room
15 Meal Plan
Total Estimated Billed Costs
Financial Aid Received        
Grants and Scholarships $
Federal Student Loans $
Federal Work-Study  $
Estimated Aid From Other Sources $
(including outside scholarships, VA benefits, etc.)
Total Financial Aid (not including Work-Study***)
Estimated Annual Cost After Financial Aid      
Total Estimated Billed Costs
Total Financial Aid Received
Remaining Cost After Financial Aid
* Other indirect (non-billed) costs to consider include:
Books and Supplies
Personal Expenses
Total Indirect Costs
**Tuition is based on the standard curriculum (16 semester hours per term) for the fall 2017 and sping 2018 semesters. 
*** Please note that Federal Work-Study awards are paid directly to the student and will not automatically be 
applied against tuition and other charges on your student account.