About Us

Mission & Vision

cfi-landingThe Center for Financial Independence, CFI, is a destination for students interested in learning about personal financial management as well as those eager to share their own financial expertise and advice with peers. Our programming imparts the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions, both short-term and long-term, in all aspects of personal finance such as: budgeting, investing, debt management, saving, credit cards, student loans, home/car purchases, retirement and more.

Thrive, our incubator, allows any student at Northeastern University to pitch an idea about personal finance to the Center. All submissions are evaluated and selected by the student leadership board. The accepted concepts receive funding and support in execution.

The Center for Financial Independence and Thrive are distinguished among collegiate financial literacy centers for being primarily student run and student driven. Student leaders are responsible for the research, development, marketing, and delivery of all programming, as well as the general operations of the Center. In true Northeastern tradition, Thrive is grounded in entrepreneurship, innovation, and student leadership.