Based on the guidance of public health officials and the state government, the Center for Financial Independence will be temporarily suspending in-person events and personal finance advising appointments. During this time, you may still contact our office via email and we will be happy to assist you. Information on virtual advising sessions and events will be forthcoming. Please continue to monitor our website for any updates. For additional information about how Northeastern is preparing for COVID-19, please visit

About Us

Our Team

Thrive is a student-run and student-driven organization. The members of our leadership team come from a variety of different academic and personal backgrounds. We strive to provide all students with easy-to-understand financial information and tools that will be useful during their time at Northeastern University, and for many years to come!

Elizabeth Lally

Assistant Director

[email protected]

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Leeyan Redwood, Communications/Media Studies, CAMD '21

Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]

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Namrata Ray, Marketing Analytics/Psychology, DMSB/COS '21

Chief Marketing Officer

[email protected]

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Ethan Pidgeon, Design/Marketing, CAMD/DMSB '23

Creative Director

[email protected]

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Cameron Glynn, Finance/Marketing Analytics, DMSB '23

Director of Public Relations and Outreach

[email protected]

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Sarabeth Tansey, Marketing/Supply Chain Management, DMSB ‘22

Director of Communications

[email protected]

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Jesse Kallins, Finance, DMSB '21

Chief Strategy Officer

[email protected]

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Zander Arnold, Finance/Corporate Innovation, DMSB '22

Director of Evaluations and Analytics

[email protected]

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Inika Shetty, Communications/Media Studies, CAMD '22

Head of Talent

[email protected]

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Thomas Solow, Mechanical Engineering, COE '22

Lead Ambassador

[email protected]

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Zaheer Ali, Finance/Accounting, DMSB '21

Personal Finance Advisor

[email protected]

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Alyssa Wren, Finance/Accounting, DMSB '21

Personal Finance Advisor

[email protected]

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Nirban Singh Bhatia, Health Science, Bouvé '22

Director of Innovation

[email protected]

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