Based on the guidance of public health officials and the state government, the Center for Financial Independence will be temporarily suspending in-person events and personal finance advising appointments. During this time, you may still contact our office via email and we will be happy to assist you. Information on virtual advising sessions and events will be forthcoming. Please continue to monitor our website for any updates. For additional information about how Northeastern is preparing for COVID-19, please visit

Creating Your Affordable Skincare Routine

Testing new skincare products becomes more difficult when you can’t afford what’s in Sephora or you purchase a product with a lackluster return policy, especially in the time of COVID-19. When the pandemic is no longer a threat, I will be the first in line for some free Sephora samples! Many brands out there will tell you that creating a skincare regimen is an investment, but I’m here to show you it doesn’t have to be! I have always loved the beauty industry and over time have noticed several key ingredients and textures that aren’t only found in a $52 face mask.

Work Study 101

At Thrive, we field a lot questions about what work-study is, how to get it,  how it works, and where the money you… Read More

FAFSA 101: Getting it Done Quickly and Correctly

So, You Need Money for School? If you’ve been at Northeastern for a while, you might have heard the rumor that if the MBTA Green Line hits you as you cross Huntington Avenue, you get your remaining tuition fully paid for by the city.Now, I’m not here to crush your debt-free dreams, but there’s definitely a less dangerous way to get some help paying for school that you should try first: the FAFSA.

Social Media Giveaway!

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