Based on the guidance of public health officials and the state government, the Center for Financial Independence will be temporarily suspending in-person events and personal finance advising appointments. During this time, you may still contact our office via email and we will be happy to assist you. Information on virtual advising sessions and events will be forthcoming. Please continue to monitor our website for any updates. For additional information about how Northeastern is preparing for COVID-19, please visit

Strive to Thrive


The Center for Financial Independence consists of three parts: traditional content/programming, one on one mentoring, and Thrive – financial literacy incubator for students to suggest, create, and implement new ideas. The incubator allows students to be creative in the topics, format, and delivery methods used for content related to personal finance. It also allows for new technologies to be implemented, further building on the unique nature of the Center and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of Northeastern students. The premise is that ANY Northeastern student can come into the Center for Financial Independence and submit their personal finance idea for Thrive, whether it’s a new topic for a workshop, a speaker, a field trip, or technology… We review any and all ideas that students come up with!

What is a Pitch?

After a student completes their pitch, they will be notified whether or not their idea has been accepted. Upon being accepted, students will be invited back to meet with a member of the leadership team to discuss the implementation.

All students working on projects are welcome and encouraged to use CFI space for their work. The implementation process for an idea will depend entirely upon the idea. For example, a student wishing to develop an app or a website will most likely work independently with regular check-ins with the leadership team. Once the app has been completed and tested, marketing can begin. The leadership team will provide on-going guidance and a framework for continued work on the resource such as updates and further features.

On the other hand, for a program or event, the student will work collaboratively with a member of the leadership team to build out content, book space, order food, arrange date(s) and time(s), etc. Together, they will be responsible for marketing and outreach. Finally, the student will lead the running of his or her event with the assistance and support of the leadership team.

For other types of ideas, the implementation process may vary.

Students will be notified within 24 hours if their idea has been selected for Thrive Idea Incubator.

What are the goals?

  • To fuel the need for new personal finance topics
  • To identify best practices in delivery methods and formats for programming that are most attractive and relevant to the student body
  • To provide funding and support for students interested in creating their projects
  • To build on the entrepreneurial and innovative nature of Northeastern and its students

What happens after the pitch?

Each student who submits an idea through our online form will be invited to participate in our Pitch Week event. Think “Shark Tank,” but with students and their great ideas about personal finance!

The content and the presentation for the Pitch will be left up to the student(s). Being that all Pitches will be different, students should include information that is relevant to them and to their idea. Student(s) should have no problem addressing what needs to be covered in their Pitch. At the end of the Pitch, leadership team members will have the opportunity to ask questions of the student(s) should anything be overlooked. The strength of the Pitch will be a good indicator of whether or not both the student(s) and the program are ready to move forward.