Based on the guidance of public health officials and the state government, the Center for Financial Independence will be temporarily suspending in-person events and personal finance advising appointments. During this time, you may still contact our office via email and we will be happy to assist you. Information on virtual advising sessions and events will be forthcoming. Please continue to monitor our website for any updates. For additional information about how Northeastern is preparing for COVID-19, please visit

Thrive Incubator

How To Participate


1. Come up with an idea that promotes financial literacy.

Get as creative as possible. If it’s related to personal finance, you can pitch it.

2. Submit your idea through our online form.

From there you will be invited to participate in our Pitch Week event. Think “Shark Tank,” but with students and their great ideas about personal finance!

3. Present at our Pitch Week event.

You can present in whatever manner you find most fitting for your proposal. In your presentation, you must include content explaining your idea, a brief timeline or task list regarding the logistics of your future work, and an estimate of the Thrive resources you need (e.g., financial support, peer advising, or space in which to operate).You’ll have up to 15 minutes for your presentation. After the pitch, Thrive leaders will ask any questions they may have. You will be notified within 48 hours if your idea has been selected.

4. Make your idea materialize.

Given the variety in possible concepts, there is no single framework through which we develop accepted pitches. Together, we will make a plan to bring your goals to life. From there, you can work independently with routine check-ins, or conjunctly with Thrive team members. The development process will be personalized and heavily influenced by the nature of the task.