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“My one-on-one peer counseling session clarified matters regarding student debt that I previously found to be intimidating and was reluctant to address. In a 30 minute session, I gained a pretty firm grasp on how interest accrues on loans and credit cards, the variety of options available, and possible repayment plans for my debt.”

Rachel – Bouve ’17

“The ‘Eating Right When Money’s Tight’ workshop was awesome. I spent way too much of the money I earned on co-op eating out most meals, so it was great to see a chef explain how to cook a week’s worth of tasty meals under $40. I’m definitely looking forward to more workshops like this in the future.”

Parker – DMSB ’19

“I can definitely see myself using the travel tips and apps that I learned at the “Travel on a Budget” event the next time I am planning a vacation. The activity at the end was fun, and helped me put the new information to use.”

Anna – CAMD ‘18

“The “Loan Exit Counseling” session I attended made me feel a lot more confident about tackling my loan debt after graduation. Now that I have a clearer idea of what I owe and what my options are, I can develop a plan to pay them back that will work for my situation.”

Anthony – COE ‘20

“This semester, I was finding myself struggling with finding a way to put my money from co-op to good use. Meeting with Thrive’s Personal Finance Advisor was helpful because it was someone I felt comfortable talking to, and the session really helped me to develop a budget that I will actually stick to.”

Maria – DMSB, ‘19

“As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’ve been very curious about the impact of personal finance in launching my first company. Chris Wolfel’s speech helped me put together an organizational structure that will work well for my venture.”

Derrick – Bouve ‘19

“I’ve always been used to accepting the first offer an employer provides. The “Negotiation Workshop” taught me you can’t get what you don’t ask for, and I’ll be able to apply the skills I learned to other areas of my life.”

Chris – DMSB ‘20