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Payment Methods

Direct Deposit FAQ

What are the benefits of direct deposit?

Enrolling in direct deposit has a number of benefits for students, including,

  • Faster access to your funds
  • No need to wait in lines at the bank or ATM to deposit your check
  • No need to worry about losing your check

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

To enroll in direct deposit, you must log into your Student Hub and complete the Direct Deposit Form, located under “Resources, and ‘Financial Services.” To be eligible to enroll in direct deposit, you must have a U.S. checking or savings account.

I requested a pass code to complete the Direct Deposit Form but have not received it yet. What should I do?

Requested pass codes for the Direct Deposit Form are sent to the personal email address on file. If you recently requested a pass code but have not received it yet, please be sure to check your spam or junk folder. To confirm the personal email address currently on file, visit the “Resources” section of the Student Hub. 

How long will it take for my direct deposit information to be processed?

For refunds, initial set up will take 3 business days for direct deposit to become active. For payroll transactions, it takes 5 business days for direct deposit to become active.

When will funds be reflected in my bank account?

Student refunds will be automatically sent to the requested bank account within 3 business days once processed. The funds will be available to you based upon your bank’s policies and processing time. Payroll payments will be deposited on the pay date indicated on the pay stub, which can be found through the “Student Employee Self-Service” link under “Resources, “Financial Services,” on the Student Hub. 

Is direct deposit required for all students? If I do not enroll in direct deposit can I pick up my refund check?

All students should enroll in direct deposit. For student refunds, funds processed via direct deposit will be sent to your bank within 3 business days. If you do not choose to enroll in direct deposit, a check will be mailed to the permanent address on file (which may take up to 10-14 business days). Checks will not be held for pick-up in the Office of Student Financial Services.

For payroll, all students must set up direct deposit. Initial pay checks prior to direct deposit must be picked up at Human Resources Management Customer Service Center, located in 250 Columbus Place. Checks will not be mailed.

If I already have direct deposit through student payroll, do I need to complete a new Direct Deposit Form?

If you are a current student employee at Northeastern University and have a valid Direct Deposit Form on file, you do not need to complete a new Direct Deposit Form. Any future refunds will automatically be deposited to the bank account you currently have on file with the university. 

If you have a question regarding your direct deposit status or banking information, please log into your Student Hub and access the Direct Deposit Form, located under ‘Resources’ and then “Financial Services.” The form will be pre-populated with the bank name and last 4 digits of the account number. 

Can non-U.S. bank accounts be used for direct deposit?

No, the account must be with a U.S. bank.

Can direct deposit be cancelled after I have signed up?

Yes, direct deposit may be cancelled after signing up. However, if a refund is in process you must wait until the process is complete to cancel your direct deposit.

I recently opened a new bank account. What is the process for changing the bank account on file? Am I required to complete a new Direct Deposit Form?

You must have an active bank account on file. To change your banking information, even if the new account is with the same bank, please log into your myNortheastern and complete the Direct Deposit Form with the new account information. Please note, if a refund is currently in process, you will not be able to update the bank information until the refund process is complete.

What if I close my bank account after I have signed up for direct deposit? How do I notify the university?

If a refund or paycheck is sent to an invalid bank account, the receiving bank will notify Northeastern and the transaction will be considered incomplete and will be canceled. Northeastern will contact you directly to notify you of the issue.

To update your banking information or cancel direct deposit, log into your myNortheastern to access the Direct Deposit Form. Changes take up to 3 business days before a new refund can be processed.

Can multiple bank accounts be set up to receive refunds?

No, only one account can be used to receive funds using direct deposit.

Can direct deposit be set up using a parent/guardian’s or friend’s bank account?

Only the student’s U.S. checking or savings account may be used. You may not use another individual’s bank account as the location for your direct deposit.

Are there any fees associated with enrolling in direct deposit?

Northeastern University does not charge any fees to enroll in direct deposit. Students should check with their banks to ask about any fees they may charge.

How are refunds resulting from a credit card payment processed?

If the credit balance in the account resulted from a credit card payment, the funds will be returned to the credit card used. View additional information regarding the refund policy.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the direct deposit process?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the direct deposit process for student payroll, please contact the Office of Student Employment, Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships.

For questions regarding the direct deposit process for refunds, please contact Student Financial Services.