If you submitted your FAFSA application by the priority filing deadline, please see the chart below for information regarding your estimated award timeline:

Student Type Awarding Timeline
New Student Awards are released on an on-going basis after we have been notified the student has been accepted into the program
Returning Student Awards are released throughout the summer

Students are notified via mail once their financial aid award is available.

What Is My Offer of Financial Assistance?

Your Offer of Financial Assistance is based on a careful review of the information that you provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and is for one academic year only. Along with your Offer of Financial Assistance, in addition to viewing your financial aid eligibility, you will also receive an estimate of the cost associated with your anticipated enrollment for the year.

Along with your Offer of Financial Assistance, you will receive a brochure which provides additional information regarding the conditions of your award, descriptions of the types of financial aid that are offered and steps to follow in meeting your educational costs. Please be sure to review your Offer of Financial Assistance and brochure entirely.