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IDOC Frequently Asked Questions

What is IDOC?

The College Board’s Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC), is a secure platform that collects documents from prospective and incoming financial aid applicants on behalf of Northeastern University’s Office of Student Financial Services.

For additional information regarding the IDOC submission process, please visit the IDOC Frequently Asked Questions web link in the student’s IDOC portal page (available after the student has signed into the IDOC website).

I have already uploaded the items requested by Northeastern University to IDOC. Why are the items listed as “Not Received”? Is there a problem?

If you or your family recently uploaded documents to IDOC, that information may not yet be processed, or may have just recently been processed, by IDOC. Once the status of your documents are updated to ‘processed’ on the IDOC portal, it takes approximately 3 to 5 business days for Northeastern to receive the information.

I do not have access to some of the items requested from Northeastern University. What can I do to complete my financial aid application?

If you are unable to provide a document that we are requesting, please contact our office at [email protected] and explain the situation. We will then provide you with information on your next steps.

Where can I find the requested information?

Many commonly requested forms are available on our website as well as through the IDOC portal, under “Get Forms.” After you have completed the form, upload the information to IDOC. For items that must be requested externally (including tax return transcripts), additional information on obtaining that information has been included in the email you received from our office.

Learn more about IDOC, including how to navigate your portal and upload requested forms.

I used the IRS data retrieval tool when completing my FAFSA. Why are you requesting a copy of my/my parents’ federal tax return?

The IRS data retrieval tool does not provide all information from your tax return. In some cases, we require the full tax return to complete our comprehensive file review process.

How will I know if Northeastern’s Office of Student Financial Services has received the information from IDOC?

The IDOC dashboard provides real time information regarding the review status of all uploaded documents. When the documentation has been processed, it will be indicated on the IDOC portal.

Learn more about navigating your IDOC portal.

I do not have an IDOC account. How can I upload the information requested by Northeastern University?

If you have not created an IDOC account, you will receive an email from IDOC, within 24 hours of completing your CSS Profile, with instructions on creating your IDOC account. If you do not receive this email after 24 hours, you should be able to log in using the following steps:

1. Go to the IDOC website and click “Sign in to IDOC”
2. Select 2022—23 in the “Academic Year you will attend” drop down
3. Enter two of the following and click “Sign-In”

  • Your CBAFinAid ID
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number

4. Follow the instructions to submit your documents